Project B-68

With the celebration of our 68th Church Anniversary vastly approaching, we are excited to launch Project B-68 “The Beautification Project.” It is exciting to see the revitalization of  Bethlehem Church in our view.  Our church ettifice has been available for weddings, funerals, meetings, prayer gatherings and so much more. We have gained a reputation of not only being an anointed church of worship, but also a strong community partner in times of need.


With that in mind, you may have noticed that with all the services rendered in our humble building; A little maintenance and upkeep is needed in and around the church. We are hoping to paint, add new lights, carpet, new seating, as well as remodel our auditorium to give it a fresh new modern appeal. We have estimated the cost of Project B-68 to be approximately $50,000 total.


We are most sensitive and understanding of financial difficulties for some in this economic season.  However, we believe that as we honor God by caring for HIS HOUSE, He will continue to bless us to continue to do the work of the Kingdom.


The goal of Project B-68 is to raise the aforementioned funds over the next 4 months by asking each member and friend to partner with us in pledging $1000. If each of us can set aside this special gift sacrificially, in addition to our normal tithes and offerings; I believe we will have more than enough for this amazing beautification project. The first installment of your pledge is scheduled for Sunday, June 25, 2017 in the amount of $333.33.  This will help us to quickly begin the work. Understanding this may be short notice for some, you may submit your first installment as you are able.


Your partnership and pledge with Project B-68 is of grand importance in our efforts to update & beautify Bethlehem Church Pasadena. Your generosity will help preserve the legacy of service to our community, as we move forward in excellence. We sincerely appreciate any pledge made towards our goal. 


If you have any questions, concerns or want more details, please give us a call at (626)794-5211. You may also visit us online at to submit your pledge and make a donation. 


Let’s Re-Build Bethlehem Church – Together!


Serving Faithfully,


Pastor Chris